Blue Water Ramblers

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Songs for You

Thirteen new songs from our pens: Life, love, current events, good advice, stories in our variety of styles. Folk, bluegrass, blues, big production pieces, fiddle tunes, waltz and reggae. You will have as much fun listening as we did recording them.

3. Here We Go Again 2:47
4. Great Walker 2:25
5. Best Laid Plans 2:18
6. Katy Bar the Door 3:04
7. Kaleva 2:41
8. mp3 download True Love 3:22
9. Baraga's Reel 2:15
10. Current Events 4:03
11. Buy Local 3:02
13. Slippin' into Darkness 3:08

All songs copyright by the Blue Water Ramblers. Recorded, mixed, mastered and inspired in Michigan.

Beyond the Straits

Beyond the Straits is a collection of songs of the Blue Water Ramblers.
We travel all around Michigan sharing our music and our experiences with friends far and near. Beyond the Straits is a bouquet of descriptions of those friends and events.

1. Coming Home 3:27
3. Wildcat Road 2:54
4. Death of a Beast 2:40
5. Over the Waterfall 1:50
6. Pilgrim 3:20
7. Bus Trip 3:37
9. Angeline the Baker 1:53
11. O Sheila 2:31
12. She Loves Country Western Music 3:19
13. Gospel Train 2:52
14. Tegan's Song 4:55

All songs copyright by the Blue Water Ramblers. Recorded, mixed, mastered and inspired in Michigan. Produced at the Purple Spot in the Woods.

Coming Home

Everywhere we have been performing people kept asking when they could buy a CD of our Michigan songs. Coming Home has arrived!

Coming Home tells of the lakes, love, life, lumberjacks, and the land. We do some political lampooning, pick blue grass, sing shanties, boogy-woogy down the highway, play authentic Michigan calypso and even rock a polka for the shanty boys.

Coming Home was recorded between February 4 and April 4, 2006 at the Purple Spot in Lowell, Michigan. Available in MP3 format Coming Home MP3 for only $12.

1. Michigan-I-O 3:27
2. M-66 2:26
3. North Country Travesty 3:59
4. Five Kinds of Snow 3:04
5.The Great Lakes Song 2:59
6. The Great Lakes Fishing Trade 2:34
7. Lower Lights 3:01
8. Keweenaw Light 3:18
9. Michigan Cindy 2:41
11. Tittabawassee Jane 2:53
12. mp3 downloadShanty Boys 3:13
13. Line 'Em Up and Knock 'Em Down 2:40
Mason Street Sessions

On Mason Street Sessions we bring you our favorite traditional folk songs, the works of modern writers, some country classics, a little bit of gospel and a touch of bluegrass.

Mason Street Sessions was recorded live on April 9 and 10, 2003 on Mason Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Available in MP3 format Mason Street MP3 for only $12.

1. Standing on the Rock 4:06
2. Pamela Brown 3:10
3. Home Grown Tomatoes 3:22
4. Hog Jowls, Corn Pone,
Grits ‘n' Greens
5. Rye Whiskey Joe 4:07
7. Live in the Sun 3:34
10. Roseville Fair 3:31
11. Railroad Bill 4:24
12. Rock Island Line 1:37
13. I'll Be All Right 3:58
14. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 3:16

Back to the Land

Back to the Land is our tribute to all the people who raise our crops and care for the land. It was recorded live at Conner Prairie, Indiana, on June 4, 2006. Available in MP3 format Back to the Land MP3 for only $12.

1. Y'all Come> 3:21
2. Farmer is the Man 3:58
3. Farmer Update 6:02
4. Papa Raised Pigs 4:49
5. Hog Jowls, Corn Pone, Grits 'n' Greens 4:30
6. Ground Hog 4:12
7. Arkansas Traveler 5:04
8. mp3 download Inch by Inch 4:18
10. Home Grown Tomatoes 3:32
11. This Land is Your Land 3:31